These Peter Cottontail Pancakes Will Delight Kids and Adults Alike

Seriously, does it get any cuter than this?

Peter Cottontail Pancakes
Ethan Calabrese

It doesn't matter how cool or tough you are; whenever someone—anyone—sees these Peter Cottontail pancakes, they become happier than a pig in the mud. It's cuteness overload.

Just imagine the reactions you'll get serving these: "Are those pancakes shaped like a little bunny's bottom? Is that a whipped cream tail? Is it hopping away from me?!" 

With each question, the speaker's voice will raise a few octaves, until it hits the kind of vocal fry that only dogs can hear. Don't be surprised if your friend or loved one starts talking to the pancakes directly, momentarily forgetting you're even in the room.

"I'm gonna getcha! Yes I am, you cute little delicious little wabbit."*

That reaction alone is reason enough to make these pancakes. They seem tricky, until you break down the basic shapes: one palm-sized pancake (the body), two silver dollar ones that are more oval-shaped than round (the feet), and one medium-sized circle with two lines protruding from it (the head).

You may think you can't make the bunny's head, but you're just psyching yourself out. If it helps, pour the batter into a liquid measuring cup, or something with a spout, so you have more control over the pour. Keep a spoon on hand: As soon as you pour, you can use the edge of the spoon to cut away any misshapen parts, cleaning up the pancake shape. It's particularly helpful if you pour the bunny's ears too close to one another, and they start to dribble together. Or if one ear if much longer than the other. You've got this.

Use Nutella—or even peanut butter—to make the pads of the paws, and a little swirl of whipped cream for the tail, and you're all set.

Now go out there and make somebody's morning. 

Get the recipe.

*This is not cause for concern, unless they go full Elmer Fudd on you. If that happens, bite off the bunny pancake's head immediately. It's the only known cure.

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