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Will Starbucks Be Open on Easter Sunday 2022?

There's good news for your holiday caffeine boost.

As flowers bloom and Easter Sunday nears on the calendar, we need some extra caffeine just thinking about the big day. Between tracking the Easter Bunny as he makes his way around the globe, watching the little ones hunt for eggs (and perhaps sharing in their bounty), making a big 'ol brunch for the family, and breaking out our most eggcellent Easter jokes, an extra cup of joe can't hurt.

Before you head out to get your java, you’ll probably be wondering: "Is Starbucks open on Easter Sunday 2022?" We're here to inform you that the answer to that question is a qualified yes, though exactly when (and how) you can get that cup depends on where in the country you live.

"Store hours vary by location, and customers are encouraged to use the Starbucks Store locator to determine hours at their local stores," a Starbucks spokesperson told Country Living. We recommend you call your local store before you leave your house to make sure it's open normal business hours too. Also keep in mind that if your go-to Starbucks is in a Target, their stores are closed for the holiday.

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Because it is Easter Sunday and all, treat yourself to the new Iced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken Espresso that debuted March 1 or an Eastery Strawberry Crème Frappuccino Blended Beverage once you arrive at the drive-thru window or walk inside. While you are at it, perhaps add an Almond Croissant, Iced Lemon Loaf or Blueberry Scone onto your order too—the adult equivalent of Easter candy in our book.

That caffeine boost and sugar bolt are sure to jumpstart your day so you're all ready for the rest of the Easter Sunday festivities, whether you are joining a big egg hunt or hosting a big party for neighbors and friends, egg decorating or song-singing with your loved ones. Or perhaps it's a good year to take some stress out of planning and skip the cooking (yes, some restaurants are open on Easter Sunday for carryout or delivery).

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